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ENG1000 Introduction to Academic Writing - Spring 2017 - Elliott

Source Requirements for Researched Synthesis Paper

Sources: You must interact with at least three texts:

  • At least one of those must be a scholarly article that you have found through your own research.  This article should be from a peer-reviewed journal and should be at least eight pages long.  You may use scholarly articles fro all your texts, but only one is required.
  • The other texts may be any readings that have been provided to the class throughout the semester (readings from They Say, I Say or the other readings provided on Moodle) or other articles you find on your own, as long as they are from valid, reliable sources.  These texts should also be substantial texts that develop an argument, so they should also be at least six pages long.
  • You may use evidence from additional sources, such as short newspaper articles or reliable websites, but you need to do some significant interaction with at least three texts that develop an argument.