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ENG1000 Introduction to Academic Writing - Spring 2017 - Gerend

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Paper #4: Argumentative Research Essay

Write an argument essay on the topic of gender that emerges from our reading of Graff’s chapter twenty, “What’s Gender Got to Do with It?” (Slaughter, Dorment, Eckert and McConnell-Ginet, Mays, Kaplan, Ullman) In order to make your argument manageable within the assignment’s page limit, you will need to narrow down your focus within this larger topic by conducting further research. Your argumentative claim or position may be clear to you before you begin research, may emerge in the course of research, or may not emerge until after you have completed research. For example, you may wish to write an argument on women leaders in the workplace. After finding at least two additional sources on the topic, you will come up with your own claim or argumentative thesis on the topic. You may also explore another topic related to the issue. The point is that the argument is in your hands: you must devise it yourself and you must use sources in ways that will support the main claim expressed in your argumentative thesis.