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HIS 2200 Introduction to Historical Methods - Fall 2016 - Forward

Definition and Assignment

Historiography is the writing of history with emphasis on the critical examination of sources. It is the study of historical writing, which does change over time!

For this assignment, you will read Evans' A Defense of History and find one historiographical source that develops or criticizes his argument, you will write a four-page (1,000-1,250 words) defense of history as an academic discipline.

Find Sources

Use the Phillips Library Databases to find articles to defends or criticizes Evans' argument.


Authors will not identify Evans specifically
Think about the ideas and arguments that Evans presents and find sources on the same

Determine Credibility - CRAP

Determining the credibility of your source will be important for this essay. Think about the following characteristics:

  • Currency - how old is too old? For history subjects, they can be pretty old!
  • Reliability - what is the depth and breadth of research presented? Is it cited?
  • Authority - who wrote the article? What credentials does that person have?
  • Purpose - why did the author write this article?


For more information on the research process: