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IDS1200 Discover What Matters - Fall 2017 - Babb

Incomplete Leader Paper

The myth of the complete leader is a flawless being at the top whom has it all figured out.  In Praise of the Incomplete Leader suggests that leaders should accept their strengths and weaknesses, while surrounding themselves with people who fill the gaps.  Based on readings, discussions, and scholarly sources, address the following in a 5-7-page paper:

  • Provide an evidence-based argument for or against the incomplete leader
  • Address the balance of competence and humanity
  • Critically evaluate whether an incomplete leader can be an effective leader

Students are expected to present their argument using a thesis statement, followed by evidence to support that thesis.  Papers will be written in a draft and final edit.  Drafts will be peer edited in class.  Papers will be evaluated for strong arguments, supported by vetted evidence, presented articulately.  As this is a writing intensive course, the quality of writing  and use of drafts will be a factor in the overall grade.




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