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IDS2030 Science and Society - Spring 2017 - Faber

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Science Policy Assignment - Annotated Bibliography

With access to enormous amounts of information from the internet and the library, we need experience in distinguishing reliable versus unreliable information. You will research on line and through databases to locate credible information related to a contemporary science policy topic. To do this you will use outside sources obtained from scholarly literature derived from the library's databases or books. Through this assignment, you will learn the importance of fact-checking and acquire skills to evaluate a source's overall credibility.

This assignment requires you to create an annotated bibliography on a scientific policy of your choice from the list below. First pick your topic from the list. Second, research primary literature sources that discuss your topic. Remember that many of these topics are new, so you will have to do some digging. In your research you will need to write an annotated bibliography entry for eight scholarly articles (peer-reviewed journals only), books/book chapters, or instructor approved materials related to your topic. Each annotated bibliography entry should summarize the source and assess the source (discuss if the information is one-sided, slanted, bipartisan, etc.) An example of an annotated bibliography entry can be found here: