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IDS3040 Global Justice - Spring 2018 - Rossow


This is the primary course assignment for IDS 3040.  Think of this assignment as a major research essay (8-10 pages) that is broken into smaller parts.  Each assignment will build on the previous one(s) to create a whole by the end of the term.

A summary of the research essay assignments is as follows:

  • Topic Selection (~1/2 page) identifies the injustice to be researched and explains why it was chosen.
  • Annotated Bibliography (~three/four pages) summarizes 8-10 scholarly sources for use in later essays. 
  • Essay #1 (~three/four pages) introduces/explains the injustice, and addresses the “so what?” aspect of the issue by explaining who is impacted by the injustice, why people should care, and who is obligated to respond to the issue. (Questions 1, 2, & 4 from above)
  • Essay #2 (~three/four pages) addresses the solution(s) to the injustice, including an examination of which theory of justice articulated by Sandel is the most useful in framing the solution(s).

The overall assignment should explain, not just assert, how the chosen topic illustrates something about globalization, global citizenship or global justice.  Each essay should use correct MLA format and must incorporate scholarly sources.