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PSC 1300 Intro to US Government - Spring 2017 - Kennedy

Searching Library Databases

Find credible and/or peer reviewed sources through the Phillips Library Databases:

Search "All EBSCO" from the widget in the right column.


Search a specific database. For your topic, the following would be excellent choices:

  • Political Science Complete
  • SocIndex with Full Text
  • Military and Government Collection

Search Strategies

Write out the question or idea topic that will be researched, then pick out the "content" words; content words are nouns, verbs, adjectives  Examples: 

  • Recently, violent crime has been in the news in Aurora. I believe an emphasis on community policing and educating the public on how to be vigilant of "broken windows" in their neighborhoods are two examples of how to reduce crime in this city.

Sample search terms:

  • community policing AND violence
  • community policing AND crime prevention
  • crime prevention AND residents
  • citizen crime reporting