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PSY3360 Adult Development and Aging - Fall 2017 - Rusnak


Thought Paper

Students will present an educated opinion on one of the topics discussed in class and posted on Moodle (you may also feel free to pitch a different topic to me). Thought papers should be typed (12pt, Times New Roman) and double-spaced, between 5-8 pages, and in APA format (no headings required; title and references pages don’t count towards page total) with a minimum of 5 sources. In the paper, you should clearly and concisely present your opinion, as well as reasons—supported by cited evidence—for your opinion, concerning your chosen topic. Your citations should come from credible sources, such as books and journal articles. Please also provide background on the topic (pretend I know nothing about the topic) before presenting your opinion. You will not be graded on your actual opinion, but rather based on the clarity of your opinion, your supporting evidence, and your writing skill.