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SWK4200 Social Work Research I - Fall 2017 - Hart

Research Article Critiques

The purpose of this assignment is twofold: First, to give you practice in critically evaluating research. The second is to help you learn to present your evaluation of research in a coherent, logical manner, in writing. Therefore, to successfully complete this assignment, you will need to complete both steps: You will first critically examine a piece of empirical research. Once you’ve done that, you will present your critique of that research in writing, using APA formatting where applicable.

Research Proposal

Draft sections of the final Research Proposal will be submitted prior to the date of the final proposal as independent assignments. They will be graded using 1:1 feedback, peer review, and written feedback from the instructor. Students will revise these sections based on the feedback and incorporate them into the final research proposal. Four draft sections will be submitted and each will be worth the following points:

The first is a draft of the Introduction, Background/rationale, Research Questions and Hypotheses (if appropriate) and Significance of the study (5 points). The second is a draft of the Literature Review (10 points). The third draft is of the Methodology (including plan for Data Analysis) (10 points). The fourth is a draft of the Human Subjects considerations, Ethics/Bias, Limitations, and Conclusions sections (5 points). While each assignment makes a relatively minor contribution to the overall class grade, completing these assignments will allow the student to obtain feedback that will allow him/her to improve the final Research Proposal.