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Academic Support Center Student Toolkit

ACT or SAT Preparation

The Academic Support Center offers students assistance in preparing for the ACT or SAT. Tutors for math, English, reading, and writing are available. The science portion of the ACT exam focuses on reading skills and interpretation of graphs and tables in a scientific context. Tutors can provide some general assistance for this portion of the exam.

Make an appointment at

Select the Course Content Calendar and then Under "Choose Topic"  Select ACT Math or ACT Writing

For additional help making same day appointments, student can call the ASC  (630) 844-5520.

Additional Online Resources


Official website:

The ACT site’s free download on test preparation offers helpful tips on strategies and pacing as well as practice questions.

This site offers preliminary quizzes, diagnostic assessments, and review materials based on your scores. It also provides the opportunity to take a sample ACT or SAT up to seven times.

ACT Super Scoring


Official website:

The SAT site allows you to take a practice test and have it instantly scored, followed by suggestions for practice.


The Khan Academy offers free, detailed SAT preparation, including eight practice tests and is recommended on the College Board site.


How to Take the Test

Developing test-taking skills geared toward the exams can also help improve your score. Many good sites are available. One for each test is listed below.