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Physical Education: Getting Started

Looking for resources for Physical Education, Athletic Training, Exercise Physiology? Start here!

Finding Your Article From the Citation

Did your professor assign an article to read, give you the citation, but not the full-text of the article?  Did you find an interesting-looking article in a bibliography?  Click the link below to learn how to find the full-text of the article.

If you already know how to use this tool, click here.

How to Use these Pages

Click the tabs above to find books, articles, web sites and other information relevant to research in physical education, athletic training, exercise physiology and related subjects.

Choosing a Topic

What if I'm having trouble deciding on a topic?  The following are particularly helpful for undergraduates.

  • CQ Researcher is a good starting point for researching hot topics.  It offers in-depth reports from 1991 to date produced by the research staff of CQ Press on a variety of current social, economic, political, and environmental issues. Reports include overview, background, outlook, pro/con analysis, graphics, and bibliography.  Check your syllabus to make sure you may cite CQ Researcher in your paper.  If you can't cite CQ Researcher directly, go to the sources listed in the extensive bibliographies. 
  • CQ Researcher offers a Pro/Con index in the left hand column.
  • Issues and Controversies is another good starting point for hot topics, including a brief pro/con discussion.  Again, check your syllabus to make sure you may cite CQ Researcher in your paper.  If you can't cite Issues and Controversies directly, go to the sources listed in the bibliographies.
  • Medicine and Health Care Subject Index in Issues and Controversies:  Click Medicine/Health in the subject index in the left-hand column for links to broad topic areas such as diet and nutrition, substance abuse, smoking and more.
  • Points of View helps you choose a topic, prepare an outline, write a thesis statement, write persuasively, and cite your sources. You can browse their Health & Medicine category for ideas such as holistic medicine and ADHD.

Are you a grad or post-grad student?  Please call Dr. Nancy (630) 844-5441 to talk about choosing, narrowing and searching for information on your topic.

Hot Topics in Recreation & Sports

These articles may not be full text online.  Ask-A-Librarian for help getting full text. You may also see instructions in the Finding Your Article from the Citation box at the upper left of this page.

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