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HIS 4990 Senior Seminar in History

This guide will assist you with HIS 4990 Research Paper. Updated Fall 2017

Which Database Should I Use?

Short answer - use all of them!

EBSCO - is our largest database provider, so it has the most content. All subjects are represented here. Includes secondary sources (journal articles about your topic) and primary sources (such as newspaper and magazine articles).

JSTOR - secondary sources on history topics.

ProQuest - has the Chicago Tribune 1985-present.


Search all EBSCO databases

How do I search?

Do not enter your entire thesis statement or question! You will need to parse your topic into the main components:

Impact of straight actors portraying transgendered people in film:

Transgender AND film

You may have to broaden some terms and/or make other more narrow:

(transgender OR transexual OR transvestite) AND "motion pictures"

For additional help use the guide below:

What your search will look like in JSTOR:

What your search will look like in EBSCO:

Your topic is African American Women in advertising.

Your thesis is "Advertisements from the 1930s, 1950s, 1970s and today trace the changing nature of the beauty ideal for African American women."

A search in EBSCO could look like this: