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Disability Services

George Williams College is committed to providing accessible facilities, services, and educational programs for all students. Jenni Herrick, Director of Student Success works with Susan Lausier, Director of the Disability Resource Office (to read more, please click the link), to facilitate reasonable adaptations to address the potential impact of course design and environmental barriers on disabled students’ equitable access and participation in GWC’s curriculum, services, and activities. These may include, for example, testing adjustments, classroom modifications, course materials in an accessible format or access to assistive technology.  

Students who feel they may need assistance should first contact Jenni Herrick at (262)245-8572 or Jenni will assist students in taking the next step with Susan Lausier. After this initial consultation with the Disability Resource Office, students will collaborate Jenni Herrick and the GWC community, including: professors, and/or the Department of Facilities to establish appropriate solutions. Specific accommodations are based on appropriate documentation of students' individual needs, according to our policies.

Students with disabilities can expect:

  • Coordination of reasonable accommodations based on your documented physical, learning, or psychological disabilities
  •  Assistive equipment and software (on public computers) to support your particular learning challenges
  •  Course materials formatted for access via computer or playback devices
  •  Note takers
  •  Test-taking accommodations
  •  Academic support and advocacy
  •  Coordination with campus offices to provide other forms of support
  •  Other accommodations for specific disabilities as appropriate