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Getting My Textbooks

Three Ways to Find Titles

There are three ways to find your textbook titles, in WebAdvisor,  Moodle, or  the bookstore's website.  To access Moodle you will need your AU username/password.  To access WebAdvisor for your class schedule you need your AU username/password.  See the boxes below for instructions.

What are my Username and Password?

Moodle, AU email and WebAdvisor have the same username/password, which are mailed to first-time students by the Information Services Technology Department.  If you do not know your username/password, please call ITS at 630 844 5790.  The librarians cannot give you your passwords.

Please note that your email username is the part that comes before the

Find Titles in Moodle

Moodle is the online course/learning management system used at Aurora University.  All online only classes have a Moodle website.  Most face to face courses also use Moodle.  Most course Moodle websites include a syllabus, which has a list of required textbooks.

For an on-campus class use the Moodle: AU On Campus link at the bottom of the AU homepage.

For an online only class, use the Moodle: AU Online link at the bottom of the AU homepage.

Click here for tutorials on how to use Moodle.

Find Titles on Bookstore Website

Click here for the Aurora University bookstore webpage that will help you find the textbook lists for your courses.  Username/password not required if you know the department, course number and section number, which will appear on your class schedule.  Your class schedule is available on WebAdvisor which does require your username/password.

Bookstore - Purchase or Rent

Find Titles in WebAdvisor

Step 1: Find your course in WebAdvisor. No username/password is required.

Step 2: Enter the term, your department and course number.  No username/password required.

Step 3: Select the correct course section.

Step 4: Click near bottom of page for list.