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Peer Tutoring: Peer to Peer Support


Peer Assisted Study Session (PASS)

Peer Assisted Study Sessions are available for historically challenging courses. They allow students to help one another succeed through collaborative learning strategies. 

Groups will discuss strategies, review of lecture notes, textbook readings, work through problem-solving exercises, and prepare for the next lecture or class meeting.


Each PASS has a limited number of participants and is led by an ASC student staff member who has already completed the course.

Students will commit to a specific group that will meet at the same time and place every week through the last week of classes.



PASS Benefits

  • Break up the monotony of studying alone
  • Help you to develop study tips to succeed in the course

  • Help focus on the requirement for assignments and exams

  • Develop deeper understanding of the key concepts and content points

  • Receive support from fellow students

  • Establish accountability partners