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CRJ 2300 Criminology - Spring 2020 - Kieso

Criminology Project

Pick a particular crime or criminal offender (generic--not actually a specific person) and the main goal of your paper will be to try and look at relevant quality research to help determine what motivates people to commit such crimes (you are expected to relate the reasons to the theories in our textbook). You should have at least one theory from the textbook that helps explain the motivations, but there might actually be more than one and they may overlap in an integrative fashion.

  • Evaluate criminal justice sources to analyze and critique the integrity of the information presented, realize how information/misinformation is distributed, and how sources represent different points of view.
  • Demonstrate through writing the ability to synthesize criminal justice research and how such research is used for both criminological theory development and practical policy considerations.
  • State a specific conclusion that is a logical explanation from the knowledge and analysis of research findings along with the limitations and implications of the findings.

Annotated Bibliography

Annotated bibliographies help you organize and evaluate your research.  To create an annotated bibliography, cite your sources in APA format and write summary and/or evaluation of the source.  Visit the Purdue OWL link below to learn more about annotated bibliographies and see examples.