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Professional Licensure/Certification Exam Preparation

Scope of this Guide for Illinois vs. Other State Requirements

Educator licensure and certification test requirements for educators vary by state.   For this reason, the Phillips Library exam study guide collection focuses on preparation to meet Illinois requirements for educators licensure and certification.  Listings/links to books are grouped based on the test for which they help prepare.  The tests are TAP, APT/edTPA, and content area/other tests.

For help with preparation to meet other states' requirements or educators' licensure,

  • see the "Other States" section under "Websites" on this page
  • consult with advisors in the AU School of Education
  • search the Phillips Library ebook, collection; it may include study guides for certification tests required in states outside of Illinois


Books - Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)

Books - Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) and Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)

Books - Content Area and Other Tests