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Primarily used by journalists, AP Style is the standard for writing newspaper and magazine articles. Although publications may have different in-house rules for formatting and composing documents, AP Style forms the basis for each of them: concision, clarity, accuracy, and brevity are key to writing effective documentsaccording to the Purdue OWL.

Citing in AP Style is less involved than in other citation styles; typically, all that is needed is needed is the acknowledgement of the speaker before or after the quote (i.e. no date or page number required). A few examples below from the Writers Stack Exchange:

  1. "Revenues are up 10,000 percent," said CEO John Smith.
  2. According to SEC filings, company revenues are up 10,000 percent.


Furthermore, no bibliography is required for a document written in AP Style.

  • Keep in mind that AP citation is used primarily in publications like newspapers and magazines; thus, you'll use this style in Comms or Journalism classes. For academic research writing, you will most likely use APA, MLA, or a number of other styles that require a bibliography.

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