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COM 2150 Interpersonal Communication - Fall 2018 - Roache

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Peer-reviewed Journals - cornerstone of scholarly research is the peer-review process. Articles are reviewed by experts prior to publication. These experts (peers) consider the validity of the author(s) methods, findings, and conclusions.

  • Select "Limit to Scholarly/ Peer-reviewed/ Academic Journals" in databases.
  • "Popular" titles may be credible but not peer-reviewed. You MUST use peer-reviewed sources for this assignment.

Begin searching for peer-reviewed articles through the library databases.

Sample Topic - Truth-telling and communication. How "little" are little white lies?

Identify Keywords - truth-telling, communication

Brainstorm Broader, Related and Narrower Terms

truth-telling communication
"little white lies" "interpersonal communication"
deception "intergroup communication"

Limits - by date to ensure the articles are published since 2007.