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Appointments can be made up to two weeks in advance for writing and one-week for tutoring.

Students are allowed 2 appointments per week per type (writing, science, math) for a maximum of 2 hours per week. Drop-in services such as recitation or participation in a PASS are not counted toward this total.

Making an Online Appointment

  • Zoom Instructions for students with Appointments

  • AU students can access Zoom from Okta to participate: https://aurorauniversity.okta.comYour computer must have video and audio capabilities to participate. Students must use their AU email account to participate in online meetings.

  • Before your first meeting, take some time to become acquainted with Zoom and the features offered. You can share a white board or screen share. You can also use stamps and other drawing features.

  • At the time of your appointment, log into www.aurora.mywconline.com where you made your appointment. Click on the appointment you made, and look for the the link to your tutor's Zoom meeting. Select that link and click to "Launch Zoom." The tutor will meet you there. 

  • ITS offers instructional videos, including how to share a screen: https://youtu.be/9wsWpnqE6Hw  

  • If you do not appear within 15 minutes and do not answer the tutor's call, your appointment will be marked as “missed.”

Appointment Policies

ASC Appointment Policy and Information

On our writing calendar, if an appointment is not available at a desired time, students may sign up for the waiting list. If an appointment is canceled, students on the waiting list will be notified via text or email that a time slot has opened up.  The notified student must then log on to aurora.mywconline.com and schedule the appointment.  If the appointment slot is shown as not available, it means someone else also received the wait list message and has already schedule a new appointment.  Appointments are scheduled on a first come first served basis.

Appointments are scheduled on the hour and half hour. Appointments are 50 minutes in length which allows for staff to complete the required paperwork in between appointments.

Authorized cancellations can be made up to  5 hours in advance for appointments on the writing, math and science calendars and 8 hours for nursing and peer tutoring.  To cancel, log into your appointment and hit the red cancel button at the bottom. If the red cancel button is not visible, you are under the authorized time frame and if you do not attend your appointment it will be noted as missed.

After 2 late cancelations or if a student does not participate in their scheduled appointment (no show) twice during the semester, student access will be limited to drop-in programs only.

If you have questions about the ASC Appointment Policy contact Julie Hall, ASC Director at 630-844-5454.