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Creative Commons and Copyright

Educational Fair Use in Emergencies

As educators rapidly transition to online and hybrid learning opportunities, copyright-specialist librarians across the United States have drafted a 3.5 page statement on educational fair use in an emergency situation that offers some general guidance:

  • Most educational use of texts would be considered fair use at this point, though that would need to be reconsidered should online learning extend indefinitely.
  • Faculty can scan and share multiple book chapters or articles with their students via Moodle, as this provides fair use access limited only to the relevant enrolled students.
  • E-book chapters are available for faculty and students to download or print, in many cases, and all are available to read online. We may also be able to scan and send chapters needed from the library's print collection, within time and availability constraints.
  • On the other hand, video is still a special case, so educators are limited to sharing available licensed content: students and faculty have remote access to items in our multimedia collections.
  • In addition, some vendors are freely offering online content or are willing to arrange for free/discounted access.

For assistance or with any questions, please contact us!