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APA Format

APA Format, 7th Edition

Open the APA template below, save it to your own document name and location, and start typing your paper. Do not forget to delete any explanatory text or unnecessary information to your project, such as unneeded tables or footnotes.

Note: This template was created by consulting the APA Publicational Manual, 7th edition.  Some components might not be required for every assignment-- always consult your instructor's assignments and recommendations.

Also included is a powerpoint with narration that overviews the major components of APA format. An annotated sample paper released by the APA is also included.

If you would like materials about the 6th edition of APA, please see the tab to the right.  As of Summer 2020, the Academic Support Center is going to be using 7th edition as the standard.

Citations with one or two authors

(Black, 2011)  

 (Black & White, 2011)

Citations with three or more authors

  (Black et al., 2011)

Other Reminders: 

  • In text citations are necessary whenever a writer is quoting or paraphrasing information from a source.

  • When quoting, three elements are necessary: the author's last name, year of publication, and the location of the quote (use p. for a page number, and para. for a paragraph number). 

  • Et al. is a phrase that means "among others," which is why it is used when a sources has multiple authors.

  • If there is no date available, use the abbreviation (n.d.) for no date.

Want more information? Check out these additional resources.



The best way to compose a Reference page is to determine what kind of source you have, and then finding a sample to mimic. For example, if you have a journal article, look for a sample journal article entry and mimic the formatting and types of information used. 

 Full AU APA Reference Guide

Other Helpful Links

citations for sources across a wide range of media.

This policy outlines actions that violate school standards for academic honesty. 

Below is the 6th edition of APA Template. Please clarify with your instructor if they prefer the 6th or 7th edition of APA, as there are changes between the two editions. 



MLA Format

MLA Format, 8th Edition

The Modern Language Association (MLA) is another popular citation style. This formatting and citation style is typically used for subjects in the humanities. Here are resources on formatting your essay, formulating your in-text citations, and composing your reference entries on the last page of your essay.


 MLA Template, 8th Edition

MLA in-text citations are used whenever a writer uses information from an outside sources, no matter if it is quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing. This citation acknowledges that the information comes from that particular source. 

In-text citations have two basic components: the author's last name and the location of the material (usually in the form of a page number). 

You can decide if you would like to name the writer in the signal phrase or in parentheses.

1-2 Authors

If you have a source with one or two authors mention all of their names in each citation.

Pink argues "....." (24)

 (Pink 24)

Pink and Green agree ....... (24)

(Pink and Green 24).

3 or More Authors

If you have three or more authors, mention the author who is listed first and use the phrase et al., which is Latin for "among others."

Red et al. presents..... (page number)

(Red et al. 34)

No Author

If there is no author listed, use the source's title or shortened version of the title. If it is an article or other work within a larger publication, use quotes around the title. If it is a larger, stand alone work, use italics. 

("All the Colors" 23)

(Works of Art 90)

 MLA In-Text Citations, 8th Edition

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