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Faculty Resources: Collaborative Partnerships

Academic Support Center (ASC)

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Faculty Referral Form

Complete this document when referring students to the Academic Support Center (ASC) for assistance in writing.

Email it as an attachment to and it will be forwarded to the Writing Specialist who will be working with your student. Write the student's name and your course code in the subject line. You will receive a confirmation email once the ASC has processed the form and assigned your student a writing specialist.

Partnering with the ASC

The ability to write, study, and think critically is essential to every student's success in college. Aurora University's Academic Support Center (ASC) is committed to supplementing students' learning in congress with the lessons and instruction you provide in your classes. Whether you are an instructor who is already aware of the services provided by the ASC or a new instructor to Aurora University, we encourage you to integrate the ASC into your students' coursework. Our specialists in writing, mathematics, and science can assist your students individually or in small groups. We also give Wednesday Workshop presentations on a variety of topics.

Mandatory Student Visits. When assigning an essay, make it a mandatory or extra credit part of the writing process that students schedule an appointment with a Writing Specialist to review a draft. Some faculty members have used simple rubrics or an adapted verification form that outlines specific expectations for a visit. Assigning credit to appointments ensures that students put forth the necessary effort to receive constructive feedback

Reference the Student Toolkit. If you notice a particular writing issue, refer your students to the Student Toolkit.