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MBA 6100

Strategic Management

Textbooks - Unlimited User Access through Library

These resources are not OER, but are available to our students for no further cost.
These materials have already been rented or purchased by Phillips Library (so the students have essentially already bought them). Students outside of our university would not automatically have access to these materials. Access to these materials could change in the future for reasons beyond the library's control.

More books can be found in the library collection under the subject "Business Strategy." When you open a title, scroll down to view the number of concurrent users to ensure it would be an option for a class textbook. 

Business Strategy Tools - Open Access

Open Access refers to materials (usually digital) that are made freely available. It includes most of what you can legally find online without a paywall.
In academia, Open Access usually refers to scholarly articles, textbooks, and eBooks that do not require payment or subscription to read their full text.  This is different from materials in library databases, which the library pays for. Often, the author of an Open Access work is the one who pays the publishing fees.
Open Access works are still protected by copyright! Just because something is freely available to see or read, does not mean it is free to use in your own work.