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Journals and Articles

Open Access Journals

Many OA journals are already incorporated into our databases. Journals vetted by librarians across the state are included when you use the regular search box on the Phillips Library homepage. 

Articles in Subscription Databases

Full-Text Available (through a database)

  • Unlimited number of students may access that article
  • Faculty can save the PDF in Moodle
    • Best practice is to always provide the full citation. If the link fails, librarians can help find that same article.
  • Content can change within the database without notice
    • Best practice is to check that the resources are still available in the database each semester.
    • Your liaison would be happy to do this for you, providing access to the Moodle course is helpful

Full-Text Unavailable (Requesting via ILLiad)

  • An entire classroom would not be able to access the article, even if each student individually requests the article. The system will flag the requests and we would have to pay very high copyright fees to provide the article. Phillips Library will block the request and tell students that the request was not able to be filled.
  • Faculty may request an article via ILLiad and save the PDF to Moodle if it meets strict "Fair Use" guidelines. Please contact your library liaison for EACH INSTANCE when you plan on doing this; She will consult with the VPAA. Serious copyright infringements will have a negative financial impact on the university.