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Scott Library Information

What Donations Are Accepted?

Phillips Library and Scott Library will only add donated books to its collection that support the academic curriculum, as determined by the librarians. Books not supporting our curriculum will be donated to Better World Books.  Books not accepted by Better World Books will be discarded.

Getting a Receipt

Upon request, donors will be provided with a receipt.  Receipts will not show value.

If more than one item is donated, the donor must provide his/her own list of items donated for his/her own tax purposes.

What Donations Are Not Accepted?

Materials in poor condition

Books more than two years old in the following subject areas: Business, Economics, Finance, Health, Medicine, Nursing practice, the Sciences

Materials discarded from another library


Music cassettes

Vinyl records (LPs)

VHS tapes



Where Else to Donate?

The Aurora Public Library has a list of organizations accepting donations on its Book Donation Guidelines page.

Appraisal Value

The library does not provide appraisals.  The library does not recommend appraisers.