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Getting Started on Kanopy

You will need to create a Kanopy account to view videos and save clips. To log-in or create an account, click "Sign In" in the upper-right corner. 

If you haven't yet done so, create an account by clicking "Sign up now" at the bottom of the pop-up box. 

Once successfully logged in, you should see your name in the upper-right corner. 

Creating Clips

Did you know that you can create a clip from a Kanopy video to share during a presentation? 

Here's how:

To create clips, you first need to add videos to a playlist (for instructions, please see the "Creating a Playlist" box.

Once videos are added to your playlist you can edit the start and end times to make clips instead of a full length video. 

If you have just added a video to a playlist, you can click "Edit playlist."

Existing Playlists screenshot

If you don't see that, don't worry! You can also click your name in the upper-right corner, select "My playlists," then click "Edit."

Each video will have an edit button. By clicking that, you'll have the option to add a description and change the start and end times. 

Want several clips from one video? Click "Duplicate" when editing your playlist. 

Creating a playlist

Creating playlists in Kanopy is fairly easy. Once you click on a video you'd like to add to a playlist, click "...More" then "Create Clip/Playlist."

Create Clip/Playlist screenshot

For a new playlist, type in a title and click "Create."

Create New Playlist screenshot

To add the video to an existing playlist, simply find the playlist and click "Add video." 

Existing Playlists screenshot

NOTE: The entire length of the video will be added to the playlist. Please see the "Creating Clips" box to learn how to show snippets of video.