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What Textbooks do I Need for Class?


  • Log into your WebAdvisor account and go to Student Menu
  • Click on My Schedule and then the drop-down menu to find the correct term
  • Select the class you want textbook information for
  • Click "textbooks/supply information" link near the bottom of page

Bookstore Website

  • Go to the bookstore's website and click "Textbook Lookup"
  • Follow the steps to see information for your classes

Textbooks at Phillips Library

A plan to borrow textbooks from Phillips Library or other libraries is highly discouraged.  Typically, the conditions below exist.

  • Books may not be available to check out for the entire semester
  • Overdue fees or account blocks when materials are returned late
  • The library does not have required textbooks for current AU courses

Keeping the above conditions in mind, tips below apply.

  • Search the Phillips Library catalog first
  • Search the I-Share catalog only if the material is not available at Phillips Library