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A Guide to the Research Process

Outline and Checklist

Outline of the Research Process

  • Choose a Topic
    • Determine what you are researching.
  • Identify Keywords
    • Make a list of terms (related terms, broader terms, narrower terms) that describe your topic.
  • Create Search Statements
    • Use your keywords to search Phillips Library resources for information.
  • Choose the Best Resource
    • Take a moment to consider which resources will get you to the information you need.
  • Keep Track of Your Progress
    • Avoid redundant searching by keeping track of which Phillips Library resources you have used, and begin making notes for your bibliography.
  • Evaluate What You Find
    • Make sure that your resources are appropriate before including them in a paper or presentation.
  • Cite Your Sources
    • Properly cite all sources, in-text and in your bibliography a.k.a. your works cited or reference list.

Printable Checklist for the Research Process