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For Faculty

Library Liaisons


  • College of Arts and Sciences: Grace Spiewak, or 630-844-5440
  • Dunham School of Business and Public Policy: Bronwen Heneghan, or 630-844-5525
  • School of Education: Rachel Ford, or 630-844-7533
  • School of Health Science: Grace Spiewak, or 630-844-5440
  • School of Nursing and Allied Health: Grace Spiewak, or 630-844-5440
  • School of Social Work: Grace Spiewak, or 630-844-5440

Phillips Library and the Curriculum Change Form

You are required to consult with a librarian in Phillips Library when you complete a curriculum change form for faculty senate. Your library liaison will determine the financial impact of new courses or programs for you by asking the following questions:

  • which books, journals or media resources are necessary to support the proposed curriculum?
  • are there specific journal titles that students will be required to access?
  • will the purchase of new databases be required to obtain access to these resources?
  • what do we currently have in our collection that will support this curriculum?

Please allow at least a week for the librarian to complete this work.