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Introducing the library's new authentication system

Outdated Links

I tried using a permalink I had saved for a library article last semester (or earlier), but it doesn't work. Help!

Due to the OpenAthens migration on 5/3, most previously saved permalinks will not work as expected. However, if you have the title of the article (or other resource), you can often locate it by searching Spartan Search for the title. If it is a very short or common title, adding the author's last name or other citation information may help.

If you're unable to locate the article in Spartan Search, then please contact the library! Whenever we are open, you can call 630-844-7534 or chat with us using the green "Ask Us!" box along the right side of this page. You're also welcome to fill out our question form anytime.


When I try to click on a link, I land on a login page, but my AU username and password doesn't work. Help!

Sometimes when you're off campus, links to EBSCOhost databases or articles might send you to the default EBSCO login screen, which looks something like this:

EBSCO sign in page with an arrow pointing to the OpenAthens Login link at the bottom

EBSCO will not automatically recognize your AU login and password, but if you click the very bottom link for OpenAthens, you will be rerouted to a page where you can select Aurora University and use your Okta login.


EBSCO Personal Data Collection

When I try to click on an EBSCO link, I end up at a page titled "Additional Information about Personal Data Collection and Usage." Should I choose "yes" or "no" here?

The first time you visit an EBSCO database after the OpenAthens transition on May 3rd, you will encounter a page that looks like this:

EBSCO Personal Data Collection landing page

At the bottom of the page, you can select "yes" to opt in to using the EBSCO "My Account" feature or you can opt out by selecting "no." Choosing "yes" will provide access to helpful features like saving articles and searching, creating folders to organize your research, and borrowing eBook downloads through Adobe Digital Editions. You will not be spammed by EBSCO, if you choose to opt in. If you opt out, you can still read articles and eBooks online and download articles and chapters. Opting in is recommended for ease of use, but it is not required.