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IDS 1200

Credible Sources

Scholarly and Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Scholarly articles go through the peer-review process and are typically published in journals.  Use library databases to find articles.


  • Use the Table of Contents at the front of the book to browse chapter content and the Index at the end to look up specific terms
  • For eBooks, use the "Search Within" feature to search the full text of the book


  • Limit your results by using the limiter site:.  Example below: This search will only return results for websites that end in .gov.

Screenshot of a Google search bar with the words " United States Healthcare."

Evaluating Sources

Lateral Reading

  • Open new tabs and search for information about the website you're reading from Wikipedia or credible news sources.
  • Look for information about the mission, funding, and potential biases.
  • Go beyond the news story and look for the original resource or other scholarly information using Library resources.





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