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NUR 3450 Mental Health Nursing

Welcome! This guide was made by a librarian to help you succeed! 

Explore below and to the left to find information about where to search, how to search successfully, and how to cite your sources.

Where should you search?

First, you need to decide where to search.

You can choose to search in a nursing database or across all library databases with Spartan Search. Expand the box below to learn more about your options.

The search box on the library home page, Spartan Search, looks through all library databases. The A to Z Database link gives you a list of each of those databases and resources, including certain highly credible resources from around the web. The list can be sorted by subject area or material type.

Many of the library's databases are subject-based, and searching one allows you to use advanced search options specific to the discipline. For example, CINAHL (a nursing database) can limit results to articles written by a nurse.

Spartan Search Box:
Subject Specific Databases:
  • hear about a topic from many disciplines
  • browse results when beginning research
  • get as many results as possible
  • hear about a topic from a specific discipline
  • unique filters and tools useful for the field
Did You Know?

EBSCO is one database vendor that you will use often during your time at AU. The library also has access to other database vendors like ProQuest and JSTOR. Use the vendor drop down list on the A-Z Database to view these options.

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