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ChatGPT, AI, and Implications for Higher Education

Image text: Bard. Image shows a human and robot holding hands.

Google’s Bard is a query-based generative AI similar to ChatGPT, but it has some important differences and unique capabilities. One of the most notable differences is Bard's connection to the internet and ability to incorporate up-to-date information. [1] 

Bard uses a different Large Language Model or LLM called LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications).[2] ChatGPT uses a GPT or generative pre-trained transformer. LaMDA is a language model that reads trillions of words in order to discover patterns that make up language, and that makes it exceptionally good at predicting a realistic response that appears reasonable based on the inputs. [3] 

Bard was released on March 21, 2023. [4] It is free to use but does require a Google account. Google has worked with AI and language models for years, applying it to their search and other products. [5]

Bard has many of the same pitfalls as ChatGPT, including hallucinating information and replicating biased or incorrect information.

Notable Features

  • Connects to the internet to provide up-to-date information in real-time. (The free version of ChatGPT uses a data set from September 2021 and earlier.) [1]
  • Annotates some answers to allow users to review sources [1]
  • Avoids providing answers that include “medical, legal, or financial advice because it could lead to incorrect information” [1]
  • Can now write and debug software code [6]
  • Provides variations of potential responses when questions are asked again. These provide users with access to a wide array of responses in order to determine the scope of accuracy and whether it provides a proficient response [2]
  • Will eventually include the ability to interact with information in such a way that it will be able to analyze images, video, and audio [5]


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