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ChatGPT, AI, and Implications for Higher Education

Instruction in the Age of AI

Instructors are still developing their thoughts about how to respond to this new technology. Some are eager to incorporate it into their classroom. Others hope to mitigate the impact on traditional learning. Whether you would like to "ChatGPT-proof" your assignments or invite students to engage with it thoughtfully, there are resources from other educators to help you do so.


Practical Resources for Instructors

Update Your Course Syllabus for ChatGPT | Ryan Watkins

A Toolkit for Addressing AI Plagiarism in the Classroom | and

Practical Responses to ChatGPT | Office for Faculty Excellence, Montclair State University

Five Ideas for How Professors Can Deal with GPT-3 ... For Now | George Fox University

AI and the Future of Academic Integrity | UNLV Best Teaching Practices Expo

Chat GPT and Student Writing: Some Practical Reflections  | Blog of the APA

AI-Generated Content in the Classroom: Considerations for Course Design | Center for Integrated Professional Development at Illinois State University

19 Ways to Use ChatGPT in Your Classroom | Education Week

ChatGPT Advice Academics Can Use Now | Inside Higher Ed

Classroom Activity: How Can AI be exploited to create disinformation?  | The News Literacy Project

Unlocking the Power of Generative AI Models and Systems such as GPT-4 and ChatGPT for Higher Education | University of Hohenheim


Explore more resources in the detailed guides linked below.

Further Reading

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