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OER Quick Start Resources

This is a curated list of resources to learn more about using OER in the classroom.

What is OER?

OER stands for Open Educational Resources.

OER are openly licensed teaching and learning materials that you may use, adapt, and share at no cost to the student. They typically use Creative Commons licenses to grant these permissions to all users. 

Textbooks are the best-known OER, but there are many different types of OER that you can incorporate into your instruction to supplement and complement other sources.

  • Textbooks​
  • Activities ​
  • Labs​
  • Problem sets​
  • Quizzes​
  • Worksheets​
  • Case studies​​
  • PowerPoint slides​​
  • Simulations​​
  • Syllabi​
  • Lesson plans​​
  • Videos​​

Many OER textbooks can be downloaded in a format that allows re-upload into Moodle for easy course setup!

Creative Commons Licenses

Creative Commons (CC) licenses allow creators to release rights to others. 

Without these licenses, copyright assumes "all rights reserved." CC Licenses, in comparison, might be considered "some rights reserved." Which rights are reserved depends on the type of CC license applied.

View the link below to learn about different types of licenses. 




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